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Liquid 3 was newly formed out of the necessity for COVID test kits to be manufactured here within the USA, bringing together an experienced team with over 60+ years combined experience in the medical design and manufacturing field, as well as 20+ years combined medical experience.

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Michael Thomas, President/CEO

Michael Thomas is an innovator who uses process improvement, technology development, and supply chain optimization to build businesses that produce high-quality products at low operating costs.

Mike is the owner of 35 U.S. and 12 worldwide patents and 24 provisional patent applications; and he has designed, developed, and built over 400 manufacturing plants around the world with breakthrough technology and new products in many industries.

April Armer, Vice President

Combine a lightning-fast intellect, an instinct for business, and a natural leadership ability, and you have April Armer. April takes on challenging responsibilities, such as overseeing the operations and management team of an international company that has grown exponentially in 2020, as well as keeping Michael Thomas, the visionary founder of the company, grounded as much as he can be.

For April, working to help people stay safe and healthy is the most rewarding part of her role.

Don Arehart, COO

Don Arehart is a Senior Executive with over 35 years’ experience working for (and consulting to) a variety of companies such as Nortek, Matrix Service, Turner Industries, as well as PE assets owned by Goldman Sachs, all leaders within their industries and markets.

Throughout his career, Don has successfully lead teams to produce a wide range and variety of products, from developing and manufacturing High-Speed continuous and batch process products used in the Aerospace/DOD industries, to Engineering and Fabricating ETO Equipment used in Energy Production, Oil & Gas, and Chemical Processing Industry.


Gregg Phelps, Director of Manufacturing

Greggory Phelps is an accomplished executive business leader with more than 28 years in manufacturing, engineering, and technology who leverages his breadth of manufacturing technology leadership to sustainably deliver on strategic objectives while identifying efficiencies to deliver innovative quality products on time.

As an executive leader of multiple technology-leading companies, Greggory thrives on fast-paced multidisciplinary environments at the intersection of technology, innovation, automation, and manufacturing.

Seth Lapidus, Director of Technology

Seth Lapidus brings 30+ years of extensive experience managing and working directly with all aspects of manufacturing, including ERP/MRP, Purchasing, Sales, Inventory Control, Production Control, Operations, Process Development and Improvement, and Financial Oversight.

Seth has worked over the years combining his experience in manufacturing and information systems to build efficient and productive systems. Seth’s combined skills bring innovative product and process design, along with visionary leadership to Liquid 3.

Telle Manchester, Director Of Plant Operations

Telle has been involved in the manufacturing and construction management business for the past 13 years, specializing in extrusion processes, technology improvements, and project management. He spent 5 of those years as Plant Manager for a 55,000 square foot livestock feed manufacturing facility called Nebraska Distillers Products, which he built from the ground up in six months and expanded twice under extremely tight turnaround times.

At Liquid 3, Telle brings his diverse experience and range of talents to make the impossible possible, and support all aspects of Plant Operations.

Curt Rainbolt headshot

Curt Rainbolt, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Curt brings 25 years of new product development and mechanical design experience to the team with a vast background in IP67 plastic enclosure design.

Curt has extensive experience in design and implementation of injection molding and has turned his designs hundreds of OEM products. He has designed and produced products for large name brands like Harley Davidson, BRP, Polaris, Master Craft and more, and understands the need for keeping designs simple yet aesthetically pleasing for the retail public.

Curt has worked on developing manufacturing processes that produce assemblies in an efficient and cost effective manner and has extensive experience optimizing these designs for manufacturability.

Austin Keeney headshot

Austin Keeney, Senior Corporate Counsel

Austin serves as Senior Corporate Counsel for Liquid 3 after spending nearly 13 years in private practice. While his previous practice focused primarily on the oil and gas industry, Austin has extensive experience in a variety of areas including corporate law, commercial law, civil litigation, labor and employment law, bankruptcy, real estate law, administrative law and workers compensation. Prior to joining Liquid 3, Austin co-founded Mid-Con Land and Legal, PLLC, a boutique law firm designed to meet the needs of both oil and gas companies as well as private landowners.

A native of Alva, Oklahoma, Austin attended Northwestern Oklahoma State University where he graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Austin then attended law school at the University of Oklahoma – College of Law where he graduated in May, 2008. In addition to being a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association, Austin has been admitted to practice in the U.S. District Court for the Northern and Western Districts of Oklahoma as well as the U.S. District Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern and Western Districts of Oklahoma.

In addition to his role at Liquid 3, Austin currently serves on the Governance Committee for the Northwestern Oklahoma State University Alumni Foundation and remains actively involved in various fund raising activities for his alma mater.

Kevin Brown, Director of Human Resources

Kevin has spent the majority of his career working as a Human Resources professional in various industries including Education, Manufacturing, and the Oilfield. His whole Human Resources career has been working in brand new positions to help enhance the Human Resources function and to bring strategic thinking to the companies he has served along with being able to help the bottom line. 

Kevin has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Human Resources from Wichita State University. He also holds dual Senior level certifications from the Human Resources Certification Institute and the Society for Human Resource Management.

Devon Roberts, Administrative Assistant

Devon Roberts is currently a Business Finance student at the University of Central Oklahoma. Working as a Home Theatre salesman at Best Buy, he was awarded Salesperson of the Year twice and was the first at his store to achieve that in the first year.

He then spent 6 months at an Advertising agency in Nashville, Tennessee working on Business Development and Finances. Devon has always wanted to step into the business world, and his current position is a great experience for doing that.

Why Choose Liquid 3

There are many medical manufacturers and suppliers, but we stand out because of our commitment to delivering value every time:

Speed to Market

We understand that time is of the essence, and we’re able to meet tight deadlines even with large quantities. If you need to ramp up your supply chain fast, we’re the partner you seek.


We take pride in our quality and accuracy. We use the latest technologies to design and manufacture the best quality medical products, such as PPE and strip tests.


When you’re buying large quantities, every cent makes a difference. Try us on for size - we regularly work with large businesses and government entities, and we are not afraid of order quantities with a lot of zeros in them.

Contact Our Sales Team

We can meet commercial orders for hospital groups, large businesses, pharmaceutical design companies, and government agencies, and we’re always happy to take custom orders.