Liquid 3, LLC

Hospital Groups

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a great stir in the private and public health sectors, and the Department of Health has issued and updated guidelines for dealing with infectious diseases and infection control in large numbers.

As a hospital group, it is your duty to protect both your employees and your patients, both with adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) and with rapid tests and efficient diagnostic products. 

Our expert team excels in delivering quality results in ambitious timeframes, always focusing on our value offerings:

  • Speed to Market: We understand that time is of the essence, and we’re able to meet tight deadlines even with large quantities. 
  • Quality: A test is only as good as its results, and we take pride in our quality and accuracy
  • Cost-Effectiveness: When you’re buying large quantities, every cent makes a difference. Try us on for size.
  • Design: Good design is key, and we have a great team who can advise and support you with design aspects to ensure you get exactly what you need.

We can also customize, white label, and use your branding on the products you need

Fast and accurate testing is a priority now and in the foreseeable future, and you can count on Liquid 3 for all your rapid test kits requirements, all with fast and accurate test results.

Besides dealing with the pandemic and the influx of contagious patients, hospital groups need to protect their own employees with appropriate PPE. We’re a wholesale PPE distributor, so we can supply you with very large quantities of tests, PPE and medical devices in a very short time.

Contact us for a quote or pricing information. Our team will be delighted to assist you.