Liquid 3, LLC

PPE supply for all your protective equipment needs

Liquid 3 is a PPE wholesale distributor, and we can distribute large quantities of personal protective equipment.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is facing the highest demand it has had in years, and supply chains have been disrupted and reorganized throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical PPE suppliers have been doubling their efforts to ramp up PPE production and meet customer demand for surgical masks, eye protection, disposable gloves and more, to get through the COVID-19 pandemic as safely as possible.

We’re living through a moment in history in which protective equipment is not just for healthcare workers anymore, and in which cloth masks and face shields have become a household item. Since it is so important for the entire world to wear a mask or wear a face shield, PPE providers are stretched to capacity. We’re here to help. 

Liquid 3, is a PPE wholesale distributor. We have experience working
with hospital groups, large businesses/corporations, pharmaceutical design companies, and governmental agencies with large commercial orders. We can help you navigate the ordering process, customize your order according to your needs and support you during the entire design process.

We have an ample assortment of medical PPE for sale from trusted brands like Morestep, Tiger, Mouson, Liaoning Baosheng, Advance, BPG, EZ Glove, Gloveon, Safe Health, SkyMed, Guyun, Halyard, Jiali, Pure Glove, Safe Health, WRP, Dr. Green Panda, Max Champ, Cranberry, Bear Grip, SuperSafe,  and Multi-Care, including popular items such as:

  • Protective clothing
  • Face shields and face covers
  • Latex gloves, vinyl gloves, and exam gloves
  • Several types of masks
  • Protective eyewear and protective glasses, including resistant wrap around lenses
  • Sanitizers

Our expert team excels in delivering quality results in ambitious timeframes, always focusing on our value offerings:

  • Speed to market: We understand that time is of the essence, and we’re able to meet tight deadlines even with large quantities. 
  • Quality: With protective equipment, it is vital to keep small particles out, and we take pride in the high quality of our product selection.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: when you’re buying large quantities, every cent makes a difference. Try us on for size.

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